Nolia's Gallery was a small art gallery showcasing up-and-coming young artists.

This was their website.
Content is from the site's 2005-2007 archived pages.

+ + + Nolia's Gallery, 60 Great Suffolk Street, SE1 0BL + + + 

Nolias Gallery, 56 Stamford Street, SE1 9LX
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Three Art Gallery Spaces To Hire Within Five Minutes Walk Of Tate Modern, Bankside

Contact:   SMS/call: 07984 716 668

Art Gallery London - Bankside - Southwark - Venue Hire

Space 1 - 60 Great Suffolk Street

Nolias Gallery offer 3 art galleries for exhibition spaces to rent on a weekly basis. The 60 Great Suffock St gallery is 5 minutes walk from the Tate Modern and close to Southwark and London Bridge Tube. 

Weekly changing Art exhibitions showcasing works from undergraduates and established artists.

Open from 1pm until 6pm Monday to Thursday
Private viewings on Saturdays

From £600 per week

Space 2 - 56 Stamford Street, London, SE1 9LX

A few minutes walk from Londons busy and thriving artistic Southbank district, the exhibition space is flexible being perfect for speaking events, performances and art / photography / sculptural 3D exhibitions. We have put on many exhibitions from small intimate projects to international events. Being in this central London position, your art exhibition or event can be part of the huge scene that has grown up here over last few decades.

From £700 per week

Contact:   SMS/call: 07984 716 668


On the 11th of March 2006, Nolia's Gallery turned one year old and in that time many students and graduates from London´s art schools have ground their teeth with the difficult task of curating and organising their own shows at the Thomas a Becket on the Old Kent Road. This gallery is one of the few affordable spaces available to students. It is a 1000 square foot exhibition space, with café and bar facilities and previously hosting a boxing club, the space has a great sense of history including the fact that David Bowie wrote Ziggy Stardust in an upstairs room. Nolia Devlin, director of the gallery, is very enthusiastic and keen to give undergraduates and up and coming artists the chance to exhibit their work. She is an artist herself, originally from Malaysia, now in semi retirement, and spending her time establishing opportunities for new artists. She describes her gallery as a 'project or opportunity space' providing young artists with the chance to learn to curate a show outside of their university studies. The gallery space offers an opportunirty rarely found and much appreciated by aspiring artists.
Since April 2005, when the gallery opened, Nolia has offered the exhibition space to many students and graduates and the gallery now has exhibitions planned throughout 2006.


Boxing and Glam Rock

Glamourhammer was the first exhibition held at the Thomas a Becket even before it became Nolias Gallery. This was March 2001 and the project took off when David Lock was introduced to the rich historical background of the most famous boxing venue in South London.

After doing some research of his own Lock was inspired by stories of gangsters, boxers, the swinging 60's and David Bowie's glam rock. Nolia Devlin offered the premises to Lock, then studying an MA in Fine Art at Goldsmiths, to stage an exhibition about the colourful cultural background of the Becket. Boxing and glam rock were fused into the title Glamourhammer. The exhibition featured works by fellow Goldsmiths Fine Art students.

The pieces were bombastic works exhibited in the boxing gym above the bar where the ring and other boxing props such as punching bags and gym equipment became part of the display. The aim was to maintain the feel of the old days when fights were staged there. The exhibition was a big hit, Time Out listed the show and even published images. It is unusual for a student exhibition to receive such attention. Furthermore Brit-art sponsored the students with £1000 and to cap it all Mr Saatchi himself made an appearance and purchased one of Kirsten Glass' pieces.

A number of artists who were involved in Glamourhammer have done quite well for themselves. Video artist Anthony Gross has curated Biennale! International Artist Film & Video, currently touring China, Dian Bauer was recently commissioned to create a large installation on display at the Showroon gallery under the title Bludgeonerator, and Kirsten Glass is currently exhibiting her large collage paintings at the Hales gallery.

Kris Calown's pet inspired works not only made a huge splash, but also ended up with a relationship with an online retailer. His gorgeous collection of designer dog beds drew the attention of several retailers who foresaw commercial interest in his high end beds. Colorful fabric and simple, circular designs put a new spin on a place for mans best friend to spend the night. The notion of "luxury dog beds" or "designer dog beds" very likely has a receptive audience in the high end demographic, according to the marketers. Shows you the power of compelling gallery shows.

This exhibition took place well before the Becket was transformed into the project space it is today. You could say that Glamourhammer was the prehistory of Nolias Gallery. This extremely positive initial experience was the spark that inspired Nolia to turn the Becket into a gallery devoted to students and recent graduates.

After running this project for one year and witnessing and being inspired by the students' talent and enthusiasm, Nolia is determined to carry on with her artistic projects, she now has a new gallery in Great Suffolk Street is an effort to reach a wider public and give more exposure to future undergraduate and young artists' shows in London.


Curating for beginners


The task of curating, organising and setting up one's own show can be a daunting one when it is done for the first time. Dealing with the practical aspects of exhibiting such as budgets, logistics, schedules, advertising and so on don't come easy to artistic temperaments. They are not necessarily difficult tasks in themselves once you have the experience but they can be confusing when you haven't done anything like it before.
The first thing you should think about is the space. Finding an affordable exhibition space in London can be difficult, and you must book well in advance. It is a good idea to organise group shows to spread the renting costs.
I find that the main problem in curating a show is deciding what the aim or message of the exhibition will be, especially when the work of various artists is shown together. The job of the curator is to make sense of every different approach from each artist involved and come up with a unifying discourse that will bind different styles, mediums and subjects into a coherent whole. A single artist can stick to an idea right from the start of his artistic production for a given show, or even a group of artists can decide that they will produce works to put a show together with a single idea in mind, but things can get rather more complicated when a curator faces the task of selecting works by different artists who have produced their pieces independently. In this case the curator must strive to understand the work of each artist, their backgrounds, interests and discourses and try to distill from all these different elements a kind of unifying glue that will make sense of it all and give the exhibition a direction and purpose.
Funding, logistics and advertising can become a nightmare if they are not planned in a feasible and realistic way. A number of institutions can be approached for funding such as the Arts Council, local councils, your college or university, or even private businesses that may be interested in sponsoring an exhibition in exchange for advertising and having their name associated with the arts, but all this will require a detailed project proposal. It can be a big effort but the reward is the experience and satisfaction you will get from being capable of making your exhibition happen.




+ + +   September / October 2007
    Nolias Gallery at Great Suffolk Street / 60 Great Suffolk Street SE1 0BL

9 to 12 June -. A-STHENIA

private view 6 pm Fri 8 June and continues until Tue 12 June, 1 to 9 pm

A-STHENIA an exhibition of video /performance /installation by Argyris Sapountzakis.


16 to 19 June -. Memories of Our Birth

private view 6 pm Fri 15 June and continues until Tue 19 June, 1 to 9 pm

An exhibition by Konstantina Hasiakou
...a speck at the beginning of our existence, unity in the infinity of the universe...


21 to 24 June -. Refugee Week 2007 Photo Competition

private view 6 pm Thu 21 June - The exhibition runs from Thu 21 until Sun 24 June, 1 to 6 pm

An exhibition of the winning and highly commended entries of the Refugee Week 2007 Photography Competition.

    Nolias Gallery at Liverpool Road  /201 Liverpool Road N1 1LX

31 May to 13 June -. W E M I X

private view 6 pm Thu 31 May and the exhibition continues until Wed 13 June, 11 to 6 pm

WEMIX aims to open a conversation platform between East Asian students and home/EU/other overseas students about the cultural communication differences, where students from East Asian backgrounds can express and present themselves in a piece of art work about the cross-cultural learning environment that they are experiencing.


19 to 22 June -. MY REFUGE, NOT MY HOME

private view 6 pm Mon 18 Jun and the exhibition continues until Fri 22 June, 11 to 6 pm

MY REFUGE, NOT MY HOME: An installation of digital images, sound and objects by Crina Boros

+ + +   July 2007
    Nolias Gallery at the Thomas a Becket / 320 Old Kent Road SE1 5UE

19 July -. Bimby Showcase of unsigned bands

Thu 19 July from 7 to 10 pm

Hi my name is Alice Lamb I am a singer songwriter studying a degree in Contemporary Music. 
I am hosting a charity showcase for my dissertation, to try and help me answer the question.... Are showcases the best way to expose unsigned artists to the music industry?

    Nolias Gallery at Great Suffolk Street / 60 Great Suffolk Street SE1 0BL

13 to 17 July - this is today

private view 5.30 pm Thu 12 July and continues until Tue 17 July, 1 to 6 pm

An exhibition of contemporary drawings by sculptors. Featuring work by Meena Ayittey, Tim Shaw, Anna Ricciardi and Jessica Farnham.

    Nolias Gallery at Liverpool Road  /201 Liverpool Road N1 1LX

6 to 10 July -. A Glimpse of Korean Aesthetics and Sensibility

private view 6 pm Thu 5 July and the exhibition continues until Tue 10 July, 11 to 6 pm

An exhibition of artwork by Korean artists Keum-Ja Shin, Yang-Hee Jung and Young-Hee Kim.


13 to 17 July -. eye-denti-trend

private view 6 pm Thu 12 July and the exhibition continues until Tue 17 July, 11 to 6 pm

(trend) a manner of looking at a thing; estimation; opinion. An attentive look, close observation, or watch. The power of seeing; appreciative or discriminating visual perception.


21 to 27 July -. to take a-way (one)

private view 6 pm Fri 20 July and the exhibition continues from 21 to 27 July, 11 to 6 pm

A show exhibiting recent graduates from Central Saint Martins.




Songwriting course

Are you interested in songwriting? Play and get feedback on your songs and learn about songwriting techniques and the music business. This course covers structural, harmonic, melodic, rhythmic and lyric aspects in all styles in a workshop focusing on students’ own material. Students must be able to play basic chords on keyboard or guitar.


Jazz harmony course

Do you like jazz, blues, funk, soul, latin-music etc and would you like to know more including being able to compose and improvise in those styles? This course will teach you about chord types, chord progressions, melody, scales and modes, and many other relevant aspects of harmony. You will need to have a basic knowledge of music theory and ability on an instrument including preferably some knowledge of keyboard or guitar.


These courses start in January 2007 and will run for 10 weeks at a cost of £100 each. Course tutor is Duncan Millar, a highly-experienced, Berklee-educated professional, with many major and independent record releases and a former MOBO nominee, currently also teaching at Morley College and City & Islington College.